Creative Direction


What is the consumer thinking? What do they want?

In-depth, qualitative research projects for luxury brands and labels, we interview stakeholders, investors & customers across the eco-system to address questions such as next steps, diversification, pricing, new product launches, competition mapping & brand positioning.

CLIENT: TARUN TAHILIANI  A graduate and postgraduate in journalism, Anthony has worked extensively in television marketing, online strategy and design, as well e-commerce.


The designer label sought to understand its existing long-time customers as well as new entrants to the brand- their consumption, feedback, lifestyle and beliefs. Loco-motive carried out an intensive qualitative study to understand the customer, the competitive scenario and how the brand was being perceived. This included store immersion and customer interviews as well as 1-on- 1 interviews with key employees to examine how the company understands and implements the brand strategy. Image Source: Tarun Khiwal-behance.



Qualitative Research to understand the Kama Customer and their awareness & consumption patterns with regard to Kama Ayurveda products that determine the factors that drive purchase and adoption behaviors. Following the research the brand implemented several strategic changes on pricing, positioning, packaging and communication.